Mission Statement

The Society of Metalpoint Artists is to:

  • Provide educational material and information about metalpoint
  • Promote metalpoint as a contemporary artistic medium
  • Provide a place for people to connect with metalpoint artists

The Society of Metalpoint Artists was established in April 2012. We currently have more than 100 members and the Facebook group, Silverpoint/Metalpoint Drawing, has almost 500 members! Connecting with other artists who practice this medium is fundamental for learning techniques. My hope is to provide a place for exploration and inspiration of this elegant drawing technique. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and work, supporting one another, and helping to rekindle an interest in this elegant medium.

Best regards,

Jennifer Lintelmann, Founder of The Society of Metalpoint Artists

email@metalpointartists.org and join us on Facebook, Silverpoint/Metalpoint Drawing